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Best Collection of Number System questions for SSC, Railway

Number System is one of the basic chapters of mathematics but still, some of the questions of number system are little tricks that we can’t able to solve in our examinations therefore in order to completely solved every question of number system we must have to practice it in a regular basis. Don’t neglect this topic for better performance.

1.  Three consecutive odd natural numbers each divisible by 3 is 63. what is the largest among them.

2.  The sum of all natural numbers from 75 to 97 is.

3.   The sum of all Natural number between 100 and 200 which are multiples of 3 is.

4.  The sum of the square of three consecutive natural number is 2030. then what is the middle number.

5.  If the sum of two number is 3 and the sum of their squares is 12 and their product is equal to.

6.  The sum and product of two number are 12 and 35 respectively what will be the sum of their reciprocals.

7.  Digital in all required to write numbers from 1 to 50.

8.  The sum of the squares of two positive number is 100 and the difference of their squares is 28 find the sum of the numbers.

9.  A number is 25 times the quotient and five times the remainder if the quotient is 16 the divided is.

10.  Home and increased a servant on the condition that he would be in Rupees 90 under root of the service of 1 year he served only for 9 month and receive the shirt and an amount of rupees 65 the price of the shirt is.

11.  Three consecutive number is 87 the middle number is.

12.   Find the sum of All positive number of 3 less than 50.

13.  380 mangoes are distributed among some boys and girls who are 85 in numbers each boys get four mangoes and equals girls get five. The number of boys is.

14.  A number when divided successively by 4 and 5 leaves the remainder 1 and 4 when it is successively divided by 5 and 4 the respective number will be.

15.   How many Natural number divisible by 7 are there between 3 and 200.

16.  What is the  Sum of two consecutive even number, the difference of whose squares is 84.

17.  A number divided by 13 leaves remainder 1 and if the quotient, thus obtained is divided by 5 we get a reminder of 3 what will be the remainder if the number is divided by 65.

18.  Sum of all of the two digit number is.

19.  A two digit number is three times the sum of its digits. If 45 is added to the number its digits are interchanged. The sum of the digit of the number is.

20.  The number 2272 and 875 are divided by 3 digit number N, giving the same remainder. The sum of the digit of N is.

21.  A number, when divided by 5, leaves remainder 3. what is the remainder when the square of the same number is divided by 5.

22.  The sum of all the three digits each of which when divided by 5 leaves remainder 3 is.

23.  Two number when divided by 17 leaves remainder 13 and 11 respectively if the sum of those two number is divided by 17, the remainder will be.

24.  The sum of All even numbers between 21 and 51 is.

25.   47 is added to the product of 71 and an unknown number. the new number is divisible by 7 giving the quotient 98. The unknown number is a multiple of.

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