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Best Percentage Question, problems in order nurture concept(Competition)

When it comes to preparing for the SSC as well as Railway examinations and other examination of competition. The percentage is one of the most important chapter which we need to be covered.

The importance of percentage chapter is that if you can able to understand and make the problems of percentage then you can able to understand the concept of other chapters also with ease.

Many institutions firstly focus on clearing your concept of percentage in order to give you a good guidance of mathematics.

When it comes to the percentage in most of the competitive examinations the marks distribution in the chapter percentage is high.
With the Concept of percentage, you can also able to solve so many problems of profit and loss, compound interest, simple interest, ratio and proportion etc

This guide is for those students who have a little bit or good knowledge of percentage chapter and want to make some question of percentage.

Awesome tough Percentage Questions problems

  1.  If x is less than y by 30% then why exceeds X by.

    2.  If the income of Ajay is 12 percent more than that of Bijay the income of Bijay is less than that of Ajay is.

    3.  If 90% of A is equal to 30% of B and B is equal to 2x percentage of A then the value of x is.

    4.  If 20% of a is equal to 30% of b is equal to 1 by 6 of C then A is to be is to see is.

    5.  75% of a number is added to 75 the result is the same number find the number.

    6.  The difference of two number is 20% of the larger number if the smaller number is 20 the larger number is.

    7.  If a number X is 20% less than any other number why and why is it 20% more than 125 then x is equal to.

    8.  Two number Are respectively 10% and 20% more than that of third number the first number is what percent of the second number.

    9. 20% of 40% of a number is 105. 25% of that number is.

    10.  The monthly income of a person was it 13500 and his monthly expenditure was 10,000 next year his income increased by 15% and his expenditure increased by 8% the percentage increase in the savings was.

    11.  If Neeta salary is 25% more than papaya salary then the percentage of by which papaya salary is less than Nita salary is.

    12.  X has twice as much money as that of Y and Y has 50% more money than that of Z if the average money of all of them is 110 then the money which act has it.

    13.  If 40% of X is added to 40% of Y. the answer is 80% of Y. what percentage of X is Y.

    14.   A number is divided into two parts in such a way that 80% of first number is 3 more than 60% of second number and 80% of second part is 6 more than 90% of the first number then the number is.

    15.   In an examination a got 30% marks more than B, B got 20% less than C and C got 30% more than B. If they got 320 marks out of 500 the marks obtained by A were.

    16.   What percentage decrease in the salary would exactly cancel out the 30% increase.

    17.  A number is increased by 20% and then again increased by 20% by what percent should the increasing number be reduced so that we get the original number back.

    18.   The government Reduces the price of sugar by 20%. by this consumer can able to buy 6.5 kg of sugar at rupees 835 the reduced price per kg of sugar is.

    19.   The price of sugar is increased by 20% if the expenditure on sugar has to be kept as same as earlier.  What is the percentage between the reduction in consumption and the original consumption?

    20.   The price of rice is reduced by 25% which enables  Mukesh to purchase 2 kg more rice for rupees 240. The reduced price per kg price of rice is.

    21.  The price of commodity Rises from Rs 6 per kg to rupees 7.50 per kg if the expenditure cannot increase the percentage of reduction in consumption is.

    22.  Reduction of 10% in the price of a mango enables a man to buy 10 more mangoes for rupees 54.  The Reduced price of Apple per dozen is.

    23.  In a factory, the production of cycle Rose from 50000 to 54000 in 2 years.  The rate of growth per annum is.

    24.  A candidate who get 20% marks in an examination fails by 30 marks but another candidate who gets 32% get 42 marks more than the pass marks.  Percentage of pass marks is.

    25.   Two students appeared at an examination one of them secured 9 marks more than the other and his marks was 56% of the sum of their marks. the marks obtained by them are.

    26.  In a group of students, 70% can speak English and 65% can speak Hindi if 27% of the student can speak none of the two languages then what percentage of the group can speak both the languages.

    27.   A candidate who scored 30% fails by 5 marks while another candidate who scored 40% marks get 10 more marks than the minimum pass marks the minimum marks required to pass are.

    28.  In the final examination of board Sunita ger 10% less marks than Ankita in mathematics. Sunita what is 81 marks than the marks of Ankita is.

    29.   A man spends 50% of his monthly salary on food and one-third of the remaining on transport if he saves rupees 5000 per month which is equal to the half the balance after spending on food and transport. his monthly salary is.

    30.   In any assembly election, a candidate got 55% of the total valid votes 2% of the votes declared invalid in total.   If the Total number of voters is 100000 then the number of valid votes polled in favor of the candidate is.

    The question here we ask is so much important that it can able to nurture your concept of percentage.

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