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Best Profit and Loss questions problems in order crack your examinations

Whenever it comes to the profit and loss chapter.  This chapter is of so much importance as because it is not only used in order to crack the examinations but also in our day to day life we need to know this chapter concept.
If you are really interested in making the sums of profit and loss then it is recommended that you must go and check out our collections of percentage questions because it is better that we first prepare ourself for percentage topic and then move on to profit and loss.

If you are done then we are going to present some of the awesome questions collections of profit and losses which can help you to nurture your brain and utilize all your knowledge regarding profit and loss topic.


Tough final check before exam: Profit and Loss Questions problems

  1.  Cost price of 40 books is equal to the selling price of 35 books the gain percent is.

    2.  In selling an article for rupees 76 there is a profit of 52% if it is sold for rupees 75 the profit percent will be.

    3.   If book bought at price from rupees 150 rupees to Rs 300 are sold at prices ranging from rupees 250 to rupees 350 what is the greatest possible profit that might be made in selling 20 books.

    4.  A house and a restaurant was sold for Rupees 1 lakh is in this transaction the house sale resulted into 20% loss where is the restaurant sale results into 20% profit. The entire transaction resulted in.

    5.  Two articles at rupees 99 is in one he gained 10% and on the other he lost 10% what is his gain or loss percent on the whole transaction.

    6.  A television and Washing Machine where sold for rupees 12000 each. if the television was sold at a loss of 20% of the cost and the washing machine at a gain of 20% of the cost. the entire transaction resulted in.

    7.  A man sells two books at rupees 120 and by doing so gain 25% on first book and loss is 25% on the others. his loss, on the whole, is rupees.

    8.  By selling and chair for rupees 72, there is a loss of 10% in order to gain 5% its selling price should be.

    9.  A person sells a table at a profit of 10% If he had bought the table at 5% less cost and sold for rupees 80 more he would have gained 20%. The cost price of the table is.

    10.   A man gains 30% by selling an article for a certain price if he sells it at a double the price the percentage of profit will be.

    11.  If the selling price of an article is doubled then its loss percent is converted into equal profit percent the loss percent on the article is.

    12.   By selling a soap for Rs 19.50 A shopkeeper gains 20% for how much should he sell in order to gain 30% profit.

    13.  A man purchased a mixer for rupees 450 and sold it at a gain of 20% calculated on the selling price the selling price of the mixer is.

    14.  Dinesh bought two radios for rupees 1920 he sold one at a profit of 20% and the other at a loss of 8% if the selling price of both the radios are same then find the cost price of both the radios.

    15.  On selling an article for Rs 178 shopkeeper loses 15% in order to gain 20% he must sell the article at rupees.

    16.  A dealer makes a profit of 20% even after giving 10% discount on the advertised price of the scooter if he makes a profit of rupees 7500 on the sale of the scooter the advertised price was.

    17.   The cost of manufacture of a tape recorder is rupees 2000 manufacture 20% above the cost of manufacture and allows a discount in such a way as to get a profit of 8% the rate of discount is.

    18.  The cost of manufacture of a tape recorder is Rupees 1500 the manufacturer fixes the Marked price 20% above the cost of manufacture. if the manufacturer wants to gain 8% what is the rate of discount that can be allowed.

    19.  A shopkeeper allows a discount of 20% on the Marked price he is still has a profit of 15% on the cost price find the profit percent if he sells it at the Marked price.

    20.  The printed price of an article is 40% higher than its cost price then the rate of discount so that he gained 12% profit is.

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