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Railway Gk (General Knowledge) Questions asked most often in exams

We are presenting some of the awesome question collection of Railway Gk because this question is asked in railway so many times and give you the better result when it comes to getting good Result.


Railway General Knowledge Question and Answer


Which state in India has the has the maximum production of coffee takes place

The first President of Swaraj Party was
Chittranjan Das

The natural satellite of earth moon

The weight of the kidney is abstract symmetry 150 grams

Human is the most intelligent ho minutes of the universe

Invention of Vitamin A is done by Mc. Collum

The heart transplantation is done by Christian Bernard.

The largest living bird is ostrich

largest monkey is Gorilla

ostrich egg is the largest egg

the busiest human organ is hurt

the invention of insulin is done by Banting.

The fastest flying bird is spine tailed Swift.

At the time of creation of life there is no oxygen in this planet Earth.

The capacity of the heart pump the blood is 4.5 litre per minute.

Lord Clive is the first governor of Bengal.

WC Banerjee is the first President of Indian National Congress

General km Cariappa is the first commander in chief of free India.

GV Mavlankar was the first speaker of Lok Sabha.

Prithvi was the first Indian missile.

Hawkins was the first British to visit India.

Kepler’s first law states that all the planets move around the sun in an elliptical Orbit.

Andhra Pradesh open university is the India’s first Open University.

First Asian game organised in Delhi in 1951

First Chief Justice of India is justice Hiralal J Kania.

Rank of general is the highest rank in the army.

Assam rifles headquarter is in Shillong.

Central drug Research Institute is in Lucknow.

Central fuel Research Institute is in Dhanbad.

 The first Muslim president of Indian National Congress was Badruddin tyabji.

Indira was the first test tube baby of India.

Santosh George was the first Indian space tourist.

The scientific name of man is homosapiens.

The scientific name of cow is BOS indicus

Size of the cell is generally small in prokaryotes while that of eukaryotes.

First woman president is Shrimati Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.

First Indian woman to swim across the English Channel was Aarti Saha.

The first prime minister Of Great Britain is Robert walpole.

Heroshima was the first city to be attacked with atom bomb.

The longest railway platform is in Gorakhpur.

The oldest Church is Saint Thomas Church.

The longest river of South India is Godavari.

The highest gallantry award is Param Vir Chakra.

Cornea is the eye part which is given at the time of eye donation.

The first Cricket captain of India is CK Naidu.

Goa situated near the river of Mandovi.

The Nobel Prize Was started in 1901.

The new name of my number is Burma

the main actress of Titanic is Kate Winslet.

The study of disability is called dictate ology.

Siachen Glacier is situated in Kashmir.

The capital of Norway is Oslo.

The capital of United States is Washington DC.

The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul.

The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.

The capital of France is Paris.

France revolution was started in 1789.

Portugal was the first to come in India for business.

The capital of Chandragupta Maurya is Patliputra.

Seat in Rajya Sabha is 250.

First man to fly an Airport is Wright Brothers.

The first country to host the modern olympic game is Greece.

First woman Prime Minister of India Muslim country is Benazir Bhutto.

Polythene is in the use of packaging material as well as carry bags and bottles.

The polymer Teflon is used for making non stick Kitchenware.

The polymer melamine is used for the purpose of crockery.

Citric acid is found on lemons or oranges.

Sublimation is the process when a solid substance directly convert into paper that means a solid is converted into gas it is called sublimation.  Best example of sublimation process is naphthalene balls.

1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm

the discovery of motorcycle was by Edward Butler

Barometre is used to measure atmospheric pressure.

To view distant objects we use binocular.

Sahara desert is in North Africa.

The most number of sugar factories in the state of Maharashtra.

Filmfare Puraskar is established in 1953.

The highest award is Bharat Ratna.

The highest airport is Leh airport in Ladakh.

The highest mountain peak is Mount Everest which is in Nepal.

The biggest Museum is British Museum in London.

1 joule is equal to 10 to the power 7 Arg.

The word bull and bear is related to stock market.

The largest corridor is Rameshwaram temples corridor.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in Italy.

The Eiffel Tower is in France.

The great wall is in China.

The Emblem water lily is of Bangladesh.

The writer of Train to Pakistan is Khushwant Singh

the deficiency of iron causes a disease called anaemia.

The Republican party is the party of United States of America.

 The Emblem kiwi is of New Zealand.

The Emblem Kangaroo is of Australia.

Dry cell is a primary cell.

RamKrishna Mission was established in 1897.

Writer of Malgudi Days is RK Narayan.

Opera house is situated in Australia.

The great pyramids of Egypt.

SEBI is the abbreviation of security exchange Board of India.

1 byte is equal to 8 bits.

The durand line is between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mac Mohan line between India and China.

The part of tomato which we eat is fruit.

CAS is an abbreviation of conditional access system.

Dimension of penicillin is done by Alexander Fleming.

Lotus is a computer software

The first Olympic game was held on 776 BC

 agriculture is the main business of Indus Valley Civilization.

Mohenjo Daro is in pakistan.

Yoga darshan is established by Patanjali.

The number of Lok Sabha member is in the state of West Bengal is 42.

IRCTC is the abbreviation of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Diesel locomotive work is in Varanasi.

Gandhiji started Dandi Yatra from Sabarmati Ashram.

The largest milk production country in the whole world is India.

Hirakund project is in mahanadi river.

UIDAI is an abbreviation of Unique Identification Authority of India.

The writer of Geeta Rahasya is Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

 Mahabharat is written by Maharshi vedvyas.

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