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Railway preparation tips and tricks to follow to give the best outcome

There are many peoples who have a desire to crack Railway Examination as because of the facilities provided in the railway but due to lack of confidence and focus most of the people can’t able to crack the railway examination. Today we are going to discuss some of the major issues why people can’t able to crack Railway examinations and also going to share some of the tips and preparation strategy so that you can able to crack the examination as soon as possible.

Different people have different goals and we need to understand that what is our goals in life, for example, somebody wants to become a pilot he is not interested in getting the job of railway while there are so many people who is only interested in getting any government job for that type of people it doesn’t matter whether the job is of railway or SSC. The most important thing matters for that type of people is to get a job of government.

So if you are among those people who only want to get the job of government and for those who only want to prepare yourself in order to crack the railway examination this guide and tips is for you in order to make your dreams come true.


Railway Preparation Tips, Tricks


Stay focused

Most of the time whenever we start preparing for the railway examination or any other examinations, what happens is that we start at a good pace but slowly our pace of preparing the examination goes down and confidence toward cracking the examinations is also goes down. This happened because of the variety of the region. The number one region is that the people around you, tries make you fearful by saying that, there are crores of people who are applying for the railway examination and it’s very hard to crack this examination.
Makes you to lose your confidence and you then feel that you are not going to crack any examinations.

With proper discipline and sense of humour, you can able to crack the examination because in crores of people there are many peoples who are not going to attempt the exam and there are so many peoples who only have an intention to go to the exam they are not prepared for the exam. The competition is in between the five to ten percent of the applied candidate.

Therefore don’t get diverted of your path and makes your dream come true by stay focused on your life.

Don’t read more or less

Many time it is seen that while preparing for the railway examination some student which means that there is so many books and Guides in order to crack the examination but that type of advanced level question is not going to ask  in the railway examination of middle level, therefore, you must have to be properly optimized and well known towards what the question is going to be asked in the examination in that basis you must need to be prepared for that you must to take guide of your teachers as well as advisor who have cracked the railway examination previously.

Practice previous year questions

Most of the people who are preparing for the railway examination lack practice previous year questions because they think that by reading the theoretical portion of the subjects or topic comes in the exam he or she can able to crack the exam but that’s not completely true. You must have to practice previous year question at least up to 10 years of previous year question because that can help you to understand the ideas of what are or of what level the questions are going to be asked in the railway examination.

You can choose books of Rakesh Yadav sir or spark or any previous year sample question paper.
The best practices that you at least practice 1 previous year question paper on a weekly basis but if you do it on a daily basis then it is the best.

Create a base book and practice

For any competitive exam what we do is that we purchase lots of books and get confused by the concept and ideas of what to read and what not to read therefore we must have to choose our Base book so that we cannot get confused on our preparation strategy.

For example, For maths, you can able to choose books of Rakesh Yadav sir which is going to be good enough in order to get good marks in exam. What you need now is that whenever you practice new concept from any new book of mathematics you must have to take your base book as the main source of knowledge. This happens in all the books and all the subjects of competition exam.

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